Technology Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Tumble Books
Date: 10/7/08
Timeframe of Lesson: 30 minutes to be repeated bi-weekly
Author(s): Melissa Goodacre
School District: Fond du Lac
Campus: Chegwin
Subject Area(s): Reading and Technology
Grade Level(s)/Course: Second
State Standards

Subject Specific:
A.4.1 Use effective reading strategies to achieve their purposes in reading.
A.4.2 Read, interpret, and critically analyze literature.

Technology Specific:
D.4.2 Use information, media, and technology in a responsible manner

Stated Objective(s)

The students will use the internet to read an electronic book and create a book report on the book read using an electronic program.

Procedures for Lesson

1) Log onto Tumble Books website at and enter appropriate username and password
2) Each student will choose their individual book
3) The students will either read the book independently or have the book read to them electronically
4) Once the students are finished reading/listening their book they will choose to complete a book report by answering the prompted questions about the story
5) When finished students will print final book report

Assessment or Evaluation

I will assess my students’ ability to use the internet and computers responsibly informally through observation and monitoring during Worktime. I will assess my students reading comprehension based on the accuracy of the information recorded in their book report. I expect them to correctly answer 80% of the comprehension based questions.


For early finishers they can use Kidspiration to create a story map of the story they had read as described in previous classes.
Computer lab with Internet access, headphones, printer, membership to Tumble BooksKidspiration

Technology Resources: , Kidspiration, 15 Computes (1 per student), one Printer